At least three people were killed and six others injured in a Russian attack in Kiev. City officials said power and water outages were reported across the city.

The city’s military administration said in a telegram, ‘A two-storey residential building was damaged as a result of the attack. Three died and six were injured.’

The western Ukrainian city of Lviv was completely without power, the city’s mayor said on Wednesday, following widespread Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev.

Mayor Andriy Sadovii said on social media, ‘The whole city is without electricity. We await additional information from energy experts.

He warned that the city’s water supply could also be disrupted.

Officials said Russian strikes also hit Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, on Wednesday. As a result, energy infrastructure has been damaged.

The administration of the city of Kiev said on social media, “The enemy is launching a missile attack on the important infrastructure of the city of Kyiv.” Stay in the shelter until the air raid warning ends.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said there was structural damage.

AFP reporters reported power outages in the north and center of Kiev.

(23 November)