At least 20 people have been killed in a bus accident in Colombia. At the same time, as many as 15 people were injured.

The incident took place on Saturday in Tumaco, a port city in the southwestern corner of Colombia. The bus overturned while turning onto the Pan-American Highway.

Hindustan Times has published this news citing the local police.

Capt. Albertland Agudelo of the Nariño Division of Traffic Police said the incident took place in the northeast corner of Colombia and Chile, 200 miles (320 kilometers). Unfortunately 20 people died.

After the accident, the police and fire service conducted a rescue operation for nine hours. After that the road situation became normal.

At this time, the injured were rescued and sent to the hospital.

Investigators believe that the accident may have occurred due to brake failure. After preliminary investigation, investigators said that the driver lost control of the vehicle due to excessive fog.

(October 16/FA)