18 people, including the country’s interior minister, have been killed in a helicopter crash in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. The helicopter crashed near a kindergarten in the eastern part of Kiev, British news media BBC reported.

According to the BBC, the helicopter crashed on Wednesday in Brovary, a town near the capital Kiev. In this incident, 18 people were killed and at least 29 people, including children, were injured.

It is reported that there is a school where the helicopter crashed. In addition to the Minister of Interior Denis Monastarski, the Deputy Minister of Interior was also killed in this incident. Apart from this, among the dead are a senior official of the country and two children.

The emergency services helicopter crashed next to a children’s school and residential building in Brovary, British media reported, citing the country’s police chief. There were 9 passengers in the helicopter. 29 people injured in the accident have been admitted to the hospital. 15 of them are children.

Meanwhile, students and officials were present in the school at the time of the accident. They were later evacuated from the accident site.

(January 18/SM/DM)