At least 18 people, including 12 children, were killed when a bus carrying flood victims caught fire in Pakistan. The information was reported by the news agency AFP, citing local officials and rescue workers.

A third of Pakistan has been submerged in severe floods this year. As a result, about 80 million people were displaced and the country suffered losses worth about $28 billion.

People who had been living in shelters or tents on higher ground during the floods have started returning to their homes as the water recedes.

A northbound bus caught fire outside the city of Karachi, police said. Passengers died in the incident. Most people took refuge in this area due to floods.

District health officer Vinod Kumar, who was present at the scene, told AFP, “They met with the accident while returning to their village.”

Police officer Hashim Brohi, who was present at the spot, said, apparently, it seems that the fire started from the air conditioning system of the bus, but the investigation will reveal the real reason.

Pakistan has a dismal record of fatal traffic accidents due to unfit vehicles, poor roads, reckless driving and poorly trained emergency services.

Pakistan’s recent floods have killed 1,700 people across the country.

(October 13)