After the African country of Gambia, the authorities of the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan have also complained that at least 18 children have died of cough syrup made in India. The news agency Reuters reported about the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health says 18 children have died in their country after consuming a syrup made by Marion Biotech, a pharmaceutical company in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Doc-1 Max is a syrup marketed as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms. This syrup contains toxic ingredients like ethylene glycol. The parenteral syrups were administered to the children on the advice of the pharmacist.

In addition to withdrawing Doc-1 Max syrup and tablets from the market after the deaths of half a dozen children, authorities in Uzbekistan have also fired seven workers for failing to take timely action.

In this year, two countries reported the death of children after consuming Indian syrup. Earlier, at least 70 children died in Gambia after consuming cough syrup made by Indian company Maiden Pharmaceuticals.

Following the incident, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global warning on the cough syrups of four Indian companies.

(29 December/DM)