The Rohingya minority has faced difficulties trying to escape from Myanmar. The junta government arrested them and sent them to prison. Al-Jazeera reported that there are 112 people including 12 children.

The Bogale court in Myanmar’s southern Ayeyarwady region sentenced the group on January 6, state-run Global New Light of Myanmar reported on Tuesday, citing local police.

They were emigrating illegally by sea ‘without any official documents’, the report said. He was arrested last December after being caught from a motorboat.

Five of the 12 children were under the age of 13 and were sentenced to two years in prison and the older children to three years in prison. They were shifted to a ‘Youth Training School’ on Monday.

All the adults were also sentenced to five years in prison.

The mostly Muslim Rohingya are denied citizenship and other basic rights in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, who claim they are ‘illegal immigrants’ from South Asia.

After a brutal military crackdown in 2017, millions fled the country to neighboring Bangladesh, which is now the subject of an international genocide trial.

Many of those who remain in Myanmar are confined to camps where they are held under strict rules. Their ability to work, study or receive medical assistance is also restricted.

Rohingyas have been described as the world’s most persecuted minority. Rohingyas from refugee camps in Bangladesh as well as Myanmar continue to make dangerous sea journeys to Muslim-majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia in hopes of a better life. At least 185 Rohingya landed in Indonesia’s Uttar Pradesh Aceh province late last month after their boats drifted for weeks at sea.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of such trips by Rohingyas increased sixfold last year compared to 2021. Last month, a total of more than 200 Rohingya were rescued from two boats in the northern province of Aceh in Indonesia.

(January 10)