Ten people have died in a fire in a residential building in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region. Nine people were injured in this incident.

China’s state news agency Xinhua reported this on Friday. News from AFP.

According to the news, a fire broke out in a multi-storey building around 7:30 on Thursday night. Xinhua reported that 10 people died despite emergency treatment. Nine others who were seriously burnt in the fire are currently out of danger. An investigation has been started to find out the cause of the fire.

Fires have become a common occurrence in China due to lax safety systems, corruption and negligence of officials and complete lack of compliance with the law.

This week, 38 people were killed and two injured in a factory fire in the central Chinese city of Anyang.

Authorities blamed workers performing electric welding in violation of safety laws for causing the fire.

(25 November/FA)