At least 10 people have been killed in a prison riot in Ecuador. A large number of security personnel have been deployed in prisons following Friday’s riots. The country’s prisons are notorious for violence, with nearly 400 inmates killed in such incidents last year.

The two suspects who planned the earlier riots that broke out in the prison had to be moved to another high-security prison. Violence broke out at Al Inca prison, north of the capital Quito, shortly after the government’s announcement.

Police Commander Victor Herrara told reporters that the prison is currently secure due to the deployment of a large number of security personnel. Meanwhile, the forensic department staff recovered the dead bodies. The victims were strangled to death.

A statement issued by the President’s office said that the violence broke out over the transfer of the two accused to another prison. One of the two defendants is Jonathan Bermudez, leader of the Los Lobos crime syndicate. He was involved in an earlier riot that broke out at Al Inca prison.

In another tweet, the president posted pictures of two convicts with their hands tied and their heads bowed in the prison compound and corridor.

(19 November/DM)