One person was killed and 22 injured in separate explosions at two bus stands in Baitul Muqaddas, also known as Jerusalem, in Israel-occupied Palestine. Four of them are in critical condition. According to some sources, at least two Jewish citizens lost their lives in the explosion.

The explosion occurred on Wednesday morning within a few hours of the martyrdom of a 16-year-old Palestinian by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

The first blast occurred at a bus stand on the side of the highway. Within half an hour, another explosion took place at a separate location.

A doctor named Yosef Haim Gabe, who was at the scene during the explosion, told the Washington Post that there was a lot of damage. Some of the injured are bleeding profusely. Four are in serious condition.

The man killed in the blast has joint citizenship of Canada and Israel.

According to Al-Jazeera, the first explosion occurred at 7 am local time. The explosion took place on the western entrance to Jerusalem. The condition of four people injured in this explosion is critical. The explosion was caused by a bomb attached to a motorcycle.

And the second explosion took place half an hour after the first explosion, at the Ramot Junction in the northern part of Jerusalem. At least 22 people were injured in these two blasts.

Eli Levy, a police spokesman, told the Washington Post that there have been no such attacks in Israel in the past few years.

Regarding this attack, the Islamic resistance movement of Palestine, Hamas, said that today’s attack was carried out in West Baitul Muqaddas in response to the aggression and crimes of the Zionists.

Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Kanu said the attack was carried out by the Palestinians in response to a series of attacks by Zionists on Baytul Muqaddas and their efforts to Judaize and divide the city.

Recently, the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank has intensified. In this situation, Israeli killings and tortures against Palestinians have increased.

23 November/ES